What to Wear

Our dress code helps us to create an environment of professionalism while also encouraging individuality and personal comfort.

During class and rehearsals, we ask that all company members abide by the following guidelines. This helps us to maintain a uniform look during class, rehearsal and performance time, assists choreographers and artistic staff to stage the group, and enhances company spirit. Thank you for your consideration regarding our dress and footwear guidelines! If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with one of the staff members when you get to rehearsal.

Rehearsal Clothing
  • Wear form-fitted clothing so that Faculty can see and correct body alignment, posture and positioning. (Baggy attire of any kind makes this difficult.)
  • Black leggings, black shorts with tights, and/or black workout pants are all acceptable.
  • In classes held during the week, tops should be black, white or gray in colour. T-shirts, tank tops, athletic bra tops and/or fitness tops are all acceptable. Ladies, please wear supportive sports bras.
  • On Sundays and at all full-company rehearsals, all company members should wear The SHOW shirts and black bottoms such as shorts, tights or leggings.
  • As a courtesy to our Company, please do not wear attire branded with logos from other performance companies.
Dance Shoes

Wearing the right footwear is very important to the training process. Many styles, brands and options of dance shoes are available. If you have taken dance in the past and have other shoe options/preferences, please bring those with you as well. All company members are asked to bring the following shoes to every rehearsal:

  • Black jazz shoes (leather slippers): Block (S0481) Elasta Bootie – Black ($55)

Depending on the needs of a particular performance, additional types of footwear may be required. In this case, Company Members will be provided with information about specific style, model and colour of footwear, along with a list of local suppliers.

Hair and Accessories

Hair must be tied back and off the face at all rehearsals, including vocal sessions. Watches or jewelry other than stud earrings will not be permitted in vocal or in dance rehearsals.

Female Company Members

For performances, Headliner and Senior females will require a few additional items.

  • Show earrings ($10) – We will make these available for purchase before performances. If you have earrings from previous years, those are acceptable.
  • Tan Capezio fishnets (approximately $30)
  • A nude bra with clear straps that have the ability to cross.
Where can I purchase the Items on the list?

The SHOW shirts will available for purchase early in the semester, while earrings will be sold shortly before performances.

You will find jazz shoes at the stores listed below, while undergarments and fishnets can be purchased in a regular store or one that caters to dancers. It’s always best to call ahead to make sure the store has the items and sizes you require.

5308 17 Ave SW | (403) 686-7726
12445 Lake Fraser Dr SE | (403) 278-5440

Classique Dancewear
6624 Centre St SW | (403) 263-4828

The Masque Dancewear
Macleod Plaza, 9250 Macleod Trail SE | (403) 230-3306

AEO & Aerie Store (for bras only)
Market Mall | 3625 Shaganappi Trail North West Calgary, AB T3A 0E2 | (403) 288-9165


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